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There have been numerous studies and research over the last decades to show how meditation and mindfulness can improve health and well being.

Here are some links to some of my meditations.

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Everyday I will go LIVE on Instagram / Facebook and Tiktok at 9pm wherever I am in the world and lead you all in a POWERFUL 1 Minute Meditation. 

Even if you can't join in live - make sure you follow me and join in the replay when you can. Doing 1 minute of daily and consistent meditation will help your wellness journey. 

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1 minute Silent Minute Meditation: 

15 minute powerful activation healing Meditations - 

The More Than A Meditation Club  - a monthly meditation that focuses on a different topic each month. You can join in live or purchase the replays. You WILL transform and feel shifts in your life in the most epic ways if you do this consistently. You can pay as you go each month here or pay for the year and get 2 months free here

Meditation for the Nation IGTV Series:



Energy Protection

Music Festival

A lot of people have asked me about protecting their energy – why we need to and how to do it.

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and molecules and even though something looks solid – if you look at it on a molecular level you will see that everything is in motion and vibrating – giving off energies.


So as we go about our day we are interacting with everything and everyone we meet, speak on the phone or communicate with, and thus we are constantly exchanging and interacting with energy frequencies. These energy frequencies may not always be on the same level or frequency as our own energy field and thus you can pick up someone else’s vibes and frequencies very easily and vice versa.

If the other person is vibrating at a positive and high frequency – this can be a good thing, but if they are vibrating at a lower level frequency then you are giving away you energy and also absorbing energy that will in turn leave you feeling drained or low.

Therefore, it is good practice to include an energy protection ritual as part of your daily routine. It is very easy and simple to do and there are SO many different techniques you can choose from (or even make up your own one). It all comes down to intention and visualisation.

  • Imagine yourself in a bubble of light like a zorb ball– nothing can penetrate through except high energy frequencies.

  •  Imagine yourself in a hooded cloak or coat of protection – as you get       dressed for the day – put this imaginary cloak/coat on and feel the           weight of the protection around your whole body and head.

  • Whilst in the shower – imagine the water is full of cleansing light and let it cleanse your skin and coat you in a protective light barrier all over your skin – imagine your skin is glowing with this light and this acts as a shield against any negative or low vibrations.

  • Repeat a mantra –  “I am in control of my energy – I am protected” or if you are in a situation with another person draining your energy - "Their energy is not mine - I am protected" or anything else along these lines that sparks some power and control back to you.

  • Intentional Breathing Techniques – take in a few deep breaths and imagine that you are breathing out an invisible cloud of protection – move your head around so that the cloud of protection covers all areas around you.


I tend to use a combination of these each morning as I get out of bed and also each time as I leave my house. If there is ever a time where I feel I need to reinstate the protection or if I feel I need an extra layer of protection I will utilise the above techniques as and when I need them throughout my day.

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