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Energy Healing for Palliative Care and End of Life

In today’s society death has always considered to be something to be avoided, in fact most people don't even like talking about death. It is always considered to be something to be hidden or morbid to discuss. The whole situation generates fear around death. This is pretty sad really because death is part of life and we all go through it, not just people, but everything dies or let's go of one form so it can be reborn in another form, and it's just part of the cosmic process.

Death itself is a process. Everybody goes through the same process, whether it's a person dying, a planet dying, a solar system dying, or a galaxy dying, or anything dying. The process of dying is a transition into higher level of existence.

Intuitive Energy Healing can be given to a person who is dying and support them in that process. The healing will clear the fear and any other negative emotions so that as they pass onto the next dimension / plane, they are in a state of calmness, peace and bliss.

Intuitive Energy Healing can help with the transition process for not only the person leaving this incarnation, but for the people they leave behind as well. They can take comfort knowing that their loved one has passed in a peaceful way to the Higher Realms. This Intuitive Energy Healing treatment can be done via distant healing and also can be given up to 3 days after the person has passed.

I have had experience in helping family members and also pets pass and ascend to the Higher Realms and I offer this service as part of my Intuitive Energy Healing practice.


Please get in touch to find out more about this service.

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