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"Intuitive Energy Healing can help raise your vibration and help you reconnect with your own inner energy - your mind, body and soul - to bring about positive outcomes in your life!"




A unique wellness coaching service that creates bespoke and tailored treatment packages that combine Reiki Energy Healing and Wellness Techniques and Tools that fit into YOUR lifestyle. 

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NEW FOR 2023 - Online Meditation Club - 15 minute guided meditations that will also help shift and transform your life each month. MORE than just an average meditation.

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24.07.23 - July Meditation - Chakra Balance 

 (part of the More Than Just A Meditation Club) 

A powerful 15 minute energy healing meditation to help you move clear and balance your chakras.

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About Me

My name is Lakhmi and I am a fully licensed and trained Intuitive Energy Healing Master Teacher and a Facilitator for a LIFE CHANGING course called The Warrior Journey. 

I have been practising Intuitive Energy Healing for over 8 years, gaining my Master Teacher level in 2019.
Although I have been spiritually blessed from birth, I shied away from anything spiritual for the most part of my adolescent as I feared the unknown or unexplained – this is probably why I studied science at university and ended up in a medical sales career! 

In 2015 my life completely changed - I discovered Energy Healing and became fully qualified by the end of that year. This brought me back full circle to the initial spiritual connections I had when I was a child and since then I've not looked back.
The more I understand about the science behind energy and how it can be transferred the more Energy Healing makes sense to me. This is further confirmed through the feedback and testimonials of my clients and I am super passionate about bringing Energy Healing to the forefront in today’s society.

Intuitive Energy Healing can help raise your vibration and consciousness and help you reconnect with your inner energy power - your mind, body and soul in your own way.
It can help with pretty much any form of emotional, mental and physical ailments and issues and can be used in conjunction with medical treatments as is a safe, effective and natural healing modality.
It has no side effects and is safe for anyone and everyone – including children, pregnant women and animals.

If nothing else, it will give you an incredible state of relaxation and revitalization like no other… think of it like a massage for your Aura and Energy field!  

I am so excited for you to experience Intuitive Energy Healing if you haven’t done so already – I implore you to get in touch and book in a session with me – experience it for yourself and see what you think. 

I am SO confident that you will have a positive experience that I offer a
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on your first Distant Healing!

I also am now credited to facilitate a LIFE CHANGING
7 week course called The Warrior Journey - find out more

I also create BESPOKE and TAILOR MADE Wellness Healing Courses and Packages that suit and fit into YOUR lifestyle. So if you lead a busy lifestyle and want to develop an easy and effective wellness routine then get in touch and book in your FREE Discovery Call here 

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